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About David’s Oriental Rugs & Care-Full Carpets

In 1998 David & his son Dustin were driving around the Marshall, VA area off of Route 55 and saw an open retail space right on Main Street. They began talking about bringing their love for handmade carpets and rugs to the community. One year later they established the well-known Careful Carpets And David’s Oriental Rugs. For 17 years they have been sharing not just their passion for the handmade rug and carpets, but also providing each of their clients with the individual attention that they deserve. Every carpet or rug that comes into David’s Oriental is assessed and taken care of as if it were his or her own. David’s Oriental Rugs doesn’t just offer a guarantee, but a standard of excellence.

At David’s Oriental Rugs & Care-Full Carpets we sell, clean and restore semi antique and antique oriental rugs. We also offer inspection and appraisals to help our customers understand the origin, age and value of their piece.

We repair rugs that are up to hundreds of years old. Whether your rug has been chewed or soiled by pets, stained by spills, or is just dirty from regular wear and tear,  We have the expertise required to make your carpet look it’s best. While the work we do can be painstaking, we take pride in every job we do. We have great appreciation for the work involved in the creation of each rug, and our work makes that evident.

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